Mark Quattrocchi is an incredible global adventurer, international educator, ambitious change-maker and, a world-class motivational speaker. He believes that we all have the power to make the world a better place through simple everyday actions. In 2014, after taking his passion for education to an elementary school in Southern China, Mark made the bold decision to take a truly unconventional route home.

Setting out with only his bicycle and the few things he could carry, Mark began an extraordinary continent-spanning journey. Charting a path around the world, his travels brought him from China all the way through Asia, Europe, Africa, South and North America and ending back in his home country of Canada. This adventure took him through the sweeping plains of Kyrgyzstan, war-torn Afghanistan, vibrant streets of India, scorching sandy deserts of Sudan and so much more. By the time he set his feet back down on Canadian soil, he’d spent an incredible two years cycling through more than 40 countries.

This was a cultural immersion like no other—Mark often relied on the kindness of strangers as he weathered the many challenges this life-changing ride put him up against. When facing exhaustion, mechanical issues or even the loneliness that comes with hundreds of consecutive days on the road, Mark was often welcomed with open arms by the countless new people and cultures he encountered. To give back, Mark used his tour to fundraise $50,000 for educational projects, building five schoolrooms in countries he visited along the way.

Now, with five continents and 35,000 kilometers behind him, Mark is ready to share his learnings and the many powerful words of wisdom he gathered along the way. His unique perspective, as an adventurer has been celebrated on Global National, CTV Morning Live and The Huffington Post. Mark is excited to continue sharing his inspiring story with corporate groups, HR groups, educators and audiences of all ages.

For more on Mark’s journey, check out his TEDx Talk titled – Cycling Around the World and the Power of Saying ‘Hello‘ or dive further by purchasing MARK’S BOOK on Amazon in Paperback or eBook released November 24th, 2020.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” ~ Marcus Aurelius