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Topic #1 – The Cycle of Life: The Power of Hello

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we connect with one another in meaningful ways. Mark’s incredible journey cycling around the world, from China back to Canada, spanned 40 countries and five continents. Rooted in this life-changing experience, Mark shares how simple human connections can change the way we see the world.

Many of us, at one point or another, have likely been sitting beside someone we didn’t know on a bus, plane or train and wanted to say something but never did. And yet by overcoming our fear and opening with “Hello” we can make the world a little more friendly and knock down negative stereotypes in the process. On his journey around the world, Mark was the humble recipient of over 250 acts of kindness. These were the moments that helped him feel at home so far from Canada. Now, he looks to pay forward his experiences and give others the tools to pursue their dreams.

In this engaging talk, for businesses, educators, young professionals and universities, Mark shares how we can inject more purpose into our daily actions. By helping to identify the world issues we care about most, Mark shows how we can take manageable steps to build the world we want to live in. When we are working toward a future with intention, we can then effectively improve the well-being of ourselves and others. With vivid storytelling, images and videos, Mark brings his adventure to life in order to infuse purpose in everyday work and play.

Topic #2 – Small Steps Lead to Big Impacts: Around the World by Bicycle

In this humbling and relatable talk, Mark shares how audiences of all ages can start taking the steps to make the world a better place by acting today. In June 2014, Mark set out on one of the most ambitious global adventures, cycling from China across the world to Canada. Before coming to work as a motivational speaker, Mark was a teacher and passionate about education, so he wanted to do more with his journey than biking from country to country. Mark decided to use his journey to fundraise to build schools in developing countries around the world. He volunteered in communities along the way and in the end fundraised to build five schoolhouses.

During his journey, Mark connected with people throughout the world and listened to the incredible stories of challenge and accomplishment. These showed Mark the power each of us has inside to enact and play a role in creating positive change. Through stories of his struggles from the road as well as modern day and historic examples of change-makers, Mark shares that it’s easier than we think to make the world a better place. Making a difference doesn’t mean that you must ride a bicycle around the world. Instead, Mark breaks down how our individual talents and small acts can have a massive impact on the issues we care about most within our community, country and beyond.

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